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and snow affecting parts of the northeastern u.s.. this is a storm. >> today big rigs hit the road carrying trucks and equipment and are expected to arrive by thursday. >> storm still causing chaos fort( travelers. 100 flights cancelled again today at san francisco international airport. >> abc 7 news talked to some of the stranded passengersv:. >> this woman just needs to be back home. after 30 minutes, she still haven't have a flight. >> what happened back there? >> it's complicated. >> are the airlines cooperate something. >> yes. everybody wants to fly now. >> brian green's flight rescheduled for tomorrow. >> i have to be at a cemetery. so the circumstances definitely suck. that is my story. hopefully, they can help me out. >> we're in mendocino. and have thursday getting back to the east coast. >> at least he's in no great crush to get home. vegas. >> you're going to be a prisoner of love in loss vegas. >> there are years on the ceiling. >> mireon finds it amusing. >> where is this going? >> adding to the confusion is that all 114 flights to the seven airports were cancelled. to see so
:00. >> and there are investigators looking for clues in a murder of a herk kul use -- hercules woman. her family says she was stabbed. police spent the day combing her home for clues. the family and frendz will held a memorial vij yint yil tonight at 8:30. and there is an update coming up at 5:00. >> there is a search for an armed man who fondle aid woman in the east bay this morning in eastern contra costa county around 6:00. the man held a knife to the woman's throat before fondling her. the victim was not seriously hurt. >> there are businesses cleaning up after another occupy oakland demonstration dissolved into vandalism. happening now, dealing with the aftermath of a march where protestors left thousands of dollars worth of damage behind. this custom glass will not be easy to repair and extra thick glass used for businesses and city hall were no match for force by protestors intent on smashing things and leaving a destructive mark. police say 200 pro testors started marching around franklin street, hitting windows and throwing paint. and also hitting oakland tribune offices and oakland police have been critici
year. >> just moments ago police told us there has been an arrest in the arson fire in the law offices of ozzy davis. the latest of what davis calls efforts to intimidate him. police have not released the name of the individual taken into custody or why the fire may have been set. >> a major break this afternoon in a house fire where a woman's body was found two. teens are now under arrest in connection with the death. the sheriff's office says the 18-year-old and his 16-year-old roommate beat the woman and then set her body, and the house on fire to cover up the crime. >> their intent was to burglarize the house and take valuables. they waited on the property, hiding and waiting for her to lee. she never left. >> investigators say the 16-year-old is a distant relative of the victims. thursday, the day she was killed the teen showed up with the pretense of helping the woman do yard work. both teens have been charged as adults.. >> a 24-year-old is under arrest accused of raping one woman and trying to assault nearly two years near monterey road in san jose. police say that she gave off
it up. 9-5. >> and it's ended up to be 12-5, three more runs there after that. that gentleman spoke owe-to-us and fans are pouring out here. this game just ended within about seven or eight minutes ago. you've got folks out there with sweeps and now, they're winners of the west. and we're not certain what will happen next though this is 162 game of the season. a lot still up in the air in terms of the opponent. and could be baltimore, could be -- doesn't matter. live in the oakland coliseum, abc 7 news. >> there is now fans don't care what they're going to face next so they're going berserk. >> right. >> and in just two hours, president barack obama and mitt romney will square off face-to-face for the first time in this presidential campaign. >> you're looking at pictures in denver, let's check in now with mark matthews. >> there is a lot of anticipation tonight and interested in the debate. more people expected to tune in than for either of the national political conventions. the last time the president and mitt romney met was during 2008, tonight they meet again. it's a critical moment with
all we can to see if we can't head off to st. louis. >> and this is nothing new to us right now. it's not where we want to be. but saying that, we still have a lot of determination and confidence. >> giants 0-3 at home during post season. they'd like to change that trend tonight. they don't want to go back to st. louis down. >> thank you. >> sky 7 hd giving us a look at fans arriving. most people got tickets weeks ago before we knew if they would make it this far. >> lucky people managed to get prime seats today. if they weren't giant fans to begin w wayne freedman is at the ballpark with the story. wayne? >> we know it's the hottest ticket in town. fans did get tickets in advance. people did get lucky. there were other ways to buy tickets. you can go to one broker and pay a lot of money for it. as much as $900 for a front row seat or maybe wandering around the stadium this morning you saw the office that said tickets. you asked the question... >> long before the ballpark opened this morning before the arrival of the thundering herd there is a case study. right place, right time. be
at that game in st. louis. he has -- joins us now with the latest. wayne? >> hello. welcome to st. louis. you know that expression if you don't like the weather stick around, it will change? take a look at the stadium. this is the rain storm. it has changed. 20 minutes ago a rain delay in the bottom of the 7th. earlier, we took a look inside of the stadium. let's begin with a giants fan who came from san jose. >> no way i was going to let 2000 miles come between me and playoff games. >> here is his reward. it's charming and intermim in an intimate way. the color here is red. from the bricks, to the seats to the fans, too. all red until giants came out for batting practice in a light drizzle. including kbrin wilson looking game ready despite still recovering from surgery. there is marco scutero appearing despite soreness after monday night's controversial slide behind second base. among fans there are a few from san francisco. they're transplants from the mid west. in the case of jake whitly from tennessee. don't let the beard fool you. he's nine years old and it's fake. >> he loves ryan wilso
on the anniversary of september 11th during an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. his family says stevens was there helping to launch a cultural exchange center, one giving remarks today is the libyan ambassador to the united states. the man the state department has chosen to investigate the assault, retired diplomat thomas pickering, will address the crowd as well. california senator dianne feinstein and congress woman barbara lee will honor the memory of the fallen ambassador. >> i know his commitment in being ambassador to an area of our world that is in such turmoil was a high calling for him. i just wanted and asked for permission to host it with the family. they wanted it here. >> the mayor will give the welcome followed his his brother and two sisters who will talk about the sibling they knew growing up. >> carolyn, thank you. we'll be streaming the service at abc 7 news.com. there is a link to a site his family established where you can learn more and leave your messages of support. >> the president's campaign says the president takes responsibility for the attack that killed amba
us they're ready to do it again. >> let's go oakland! >> with the way they walked off with a win, a's and fans are trying to do it again tonight. >> after last night there is no way that they can come back. do you know why? we don't quit. we just took it hard last night. >> great fun and excitement. this is oakland needed it. >> bay area fans coming out supporting a's and what we're doing. we're just one of the best stories in baseball. >> and respect oakland baseball, baby. >> not only are hats and shirts flying off the racks but with one game away from a possible championship, ticket sales are picking up for american league championship series. >> this is one of the best seasons ever. we've got greatest manager and coaching staff. greatest team. they're going to do it. >> and again this is a live picture folks starting to line up. they'll let them in in about 30 minutes for this all-important game five. important for folks to know that this is not the only game in town and the only game here tonight. the warriors are playing an exhibition against israeli team tonight. so... good p
a good job. actually the words they used were good stuff. the loss of three buildings preferable to an entire city block. in the west portal neighborhood of san francisco, abc 7 news. >> investigators trying to figure out what set off a two alarm fire this morning. the fire department says neighbors reported flames coming from the roof of the building. the loud booms likely caused by live ammunition going off inside of the burning house. >> this shell casings become project yils. nose as if coming from a gun, but enough that it may injury you. >> the homeowners suffered burns while escaping the fire. the pets are now missing. >> police are investigating a city 37th homicide of the year. a man shot just before 2:00 in the morning in the 1700 block of rogers avenue in north san jose. police are still searching for the gunman. >> a set back for pg&e in an attempt to get ratepayers 90% of the cost of fixing natural gas pipelines. the california public utilities commission announced it will limit portions to just 36%. the plan requires pg&e to replace 186 miles of pipeline, installing
and this is in a railroad crossing. the train carrying 169 passengers and amtrak plans to use buses to shuttle those passenger autos and a search is on for two fisherman whose boat cap sized. >> happening now there are family members walking rugged beaches looking for signs of their loved ones. they searched the rocky coast where a fishing boat was hit by a wave and crashed on to the rock yesterday morning. there is another man still missing. and two men were wearing life jackets and told authorities they were not. coast guard has been searching ever since, calling it still a search not a recovery mission. family and friends have been mounting efforts hoping for any sign of the two men. >> maybe they were tired and couldn't preach the -- reach the shore, we were doing everything we can. and there is you know, big groups of people there are searches continuing this evening. >> there are authorities that believe a shooting was not random. and there is two of them have been release frtd hospital. and investigators believe this shooting happened in belmont more than a mile from the site. they're not sur
. >> you need to appreciate what is ahead of us here tonight. how hard you work for it. how tifl sit to get to this point. you start spring training. it's hard work you're trying to get to post season. now, you know you're playing for the pennent. >> it seems like we, i won't say we like it but seems like guys are playing really well in this situation. just kind of letting it hang out. it seems to be working out well. game three match ups for tonight. there was a rain delay and giants lost. let's hope rain stays away. spencer will have the information coming up. >> clock is ticking if you want to vote. today is the last day to register to vote. election workers will be signing up voters tonight. this time for the first time, you can also register online. so far half a billion have done so. if you'd like to check it out go to abc 7 news.com. >> coming up in our next half hour, abc 7 news mark matthews will preview the third and final presidential debate. >> right now police in san francisco arrested a man who sucker punch aid 94-year-old woman in chinatown. officers say the man described as
school told us she had world series fever, maybe a million people shared this ailment. only one cure, let's hear from will clark and tim lincecum. >> it's fun to come out here to see fans that are supporting us all year long. two years out of the three we've got world champions. >> what are you feeling from the group? >> a lot of pride. i'm having fun today, baby. >> this is a special moment. i was pretty tired this morning but i'm awake now. >> so i would say the party is over. but down here looking at the people the way they're making this go on, this party is not over. this is like having a new year's eve party. people are staying and staying. and staying. we're staying. too. >> thank you. we'll see you then. >> i promise you, tony ben yet you're going to get tony ben yet. this was a crowning moment there. the classic from tony ben yet. -- bennett. singing the song "i left my heart in san francisco". >> there are no specific reports of vandalism related to the parade. someone did open fire. abc 7 news is live with details on that. >> we're on levenworth at turk. this is an active crime
the tracks. >> fbi says it will use all of its resources to investigate the fatal shooting of a u.s. border patrol agent that happened in arizona about five miles from the mexico border. >> the agent on patrol when shots broke out before 2:00 this morning. a second agent is recovering in the hospital. officials believe this shooting may have been drug-related. so far no suspects have been identified. >> missing teamster boss jimmy hofffa is not buried under a michigan driveway. they say soil samples show no evidence of human remains. officials began drilling through the grounds of a home last week after receiving what they called a credible tip someone was buried there around the time hoffa went missing in 1975. >> early voting is underway in two states some camped out overnight to cast a early ballot. michelle obama made a stop in cincinnati to kick off early voting. >> there is is a worker at the local board of election that's notice aid problem, signatures didn't match up and some had information simply made up. >> and last week, the election workers in florida noticing similar problem w
is, they're here. >> detroit beat writers are knocking us for having a build a bear. i'm okay with garlic fries and panda hats. i think it's just giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy the moment. that is what we're all about. >> what is the message to detroit and the rest of the world? >> here we are. we're not going away. >> that is right. we're going to detroit after this, if we want to bring bears and hats and wear glitter and dress funny, they're just going to get used to it and they're going to have to respect it. the fact is that it's not just a baseball team anymore. it's about us. live outside ballpark abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> abc 7 can help you show your giants pride on facebook. just go to facebook.com and like us and click the logo on the top of the page. that will take to you another page where you can choose to show bad nls of support on your facebook wall. >> petaluma police issued an alert for a 15-year-old boy they believe may be headed to new york to meet someone on the internet. he has been missing for three days now. his father tells abc 7 news they ha
something to do with that. >> the center tells us the sea lion described these as being fairly common at this time of the year due to the large number of sea lions in the bay. as for the second there is one that they're hoping returns to the dock. we may see what happened here today all over again. >> wayne, thank you. homeowners in oakland inlp for danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. >> this has beenv:zv unbelievabe disaster to see so many people lose their homes. because that, again, is the pathway of sinking the american dream in this country. >> underwater homeowners willú be able to see home from -- help with several groups in the city. and oakland has been hard hit by the crisis. the city estimates one in seven homeowners flatlands received a default notice on the mart within five year autos hopes are high and there is a lot of excitement now in oakland. there is tigers here for game three. >> abc 7 news is live with fans kerm determined to cheer a's to victory. >> this is where two hours from the first pitch. and there is one last warm up for the field. a's have their
to cross the city using streets like golden gate, fell, and oak, and you should, too. >> the strategy to keep moving. i don't line up in hotels and just wait for fares. >> that worries michael whose job sit to find taxies for guests at the st. francis hotel. >> tomorrow won't be like this, i'll be out there in the street. and one will come around, five minutes later another will come around. >> patience is perhaps the best virtue to have this weekend. >> it's going to take a while to get through traffic. >> and what are you going to be doing? >> watching it on television. >> and there is several things on the web site abc 7 news to help you out. he can tell you bart rb running longer trains tomorrow and helping people and to golden gate park. rico saying that two wheels are better than four, in this case. three wheels. >> that is right. >> thank you very much. good luck tomorrow. >> leanne, you look comfortable there. thank you. >> and there is a right now driving up to a gas station, your iz are go tok pop out. there is serious sticker shock. gas prices jump bid more than 20 cents ov
of a chevy bolt factoryóá29. >> go to facebook.com and like us first, click the giants logo. that will take to you the page where you can choose to share badges to show your support onñ your wall. >> right now, gas prices are falling in the bay area. slowly. they came?; 829 again overnight.my in oakland, san jose and san francisco. here are the prigss for regular unleaded. $4.34 a gallon in oakland and san jose. had:$45 in san.#ncisco.r wnxd 19 cents to 21 cents since last week. >> investigators on the scene of a deadly crane accident at the port of oakland. >> it happened during a maintenance check this morning. authorities sate man was crushed while working on the crane. >> southern california couple is now charged with murder in the home invasion death of a hercules woman. the two face nine felony charges in contra costa county. they're not eligible for bail. the pair arrested about two weeks ago, driving the stolen car of suzy ko. the 55-year-old found dead her home october 5th. >> san francisco police looking for a burglar who got away after a spectacular crash inside of the ucsf med
grader to death in april in roosevelt park. four men are now charged in the murder. officers tell us the 14-year-old was targeted and attacked at the park a known gang hangout. police have not said why they believe he was targeted. >> a civil suit filed today against san jose evergreen school district. teacher craig chandler is accused of sexually abugsing a second grader. the principal accused of failing to report that to police. prosecutors say he told police chandler blind folded her and put something in her mouth when alone with him. >> a man considered an instigator of a rape at richmond high school is serving a long prison sentence. >> today, the man admitted his guilt. >> happening now a central figure in a richmond gang rape three years ago is on his way to state prison. he pled guilty to four felony counts inviewed cloouding aggravated sexual assault with great bodily injury. the 22-year-old sentenced to 32 years in state prison and must serve 85% of the sentence. five others are still headed to trial. in martinez, abc 7 news. >> statewide under cover operation went to inves
we're trying to figure it out. >> he appeared in court yesterday. he's a naturalized u.s. citizen of chinese decent saying he was working in japan. his attorney told abc news he's highly intelligent and a diligent student with no criminal history. >> there is a little bit of relief at the purposes though don't get too excited. gas prices started to fall a little bit after a month of sudden surging in california this average $4.67 a gallon. >> big savings on air fare and deals you can get now. >> apple is making changes at the plant in china. >> and there is your questions on twitter and facebook will answer them here live just a little bit later, you can contact michael on >>> it's official, san francisco has a target store. city target now open taking up the second floor of the metrion building different from other targets and it is tail youred to customers with small living lace spaiss. it's also trying something new, opening at 7:00 in the morning and today is what is called soft opening. the grand opening taking place on sunday. >> there is employers outlooking to hire hundred
told us history is sweeter this time around. some brought memorabilia, they're hoping players will sign. one man says he's waiting here. he says midnight he'll welcome the team back home. >> i'm still in a dream. i'm thinking this is a dream. one big dream. come true. >> i just felt everything was in place and meant to be. it was our year. the way pitches are being made and the way walls are rolling along the line. it was meant for us. it was our destiny to win. >> you keep hearing how the guys have love for each other. it's bn lot of fun to share. >> that guy got a tattoo on his right leg when giants won in 2010. now, he plans a matching one. these are what you call die hard fans. the team has said they have much love for fans as well. they credit the home game advantage in the first two games with propelling them to victory. again, back here live, the crowd many have been waiting for several hours. they're and chanting go, giants. they're still waiting for the team now on the way from the whenhey here, we will come back live. >> thank you. we want to take you back out now live to sfo
us this afternoon that both men were married and they both have each a single grown daughter. the investigation continuing here. >> there is oakland city officials insist the spike in violence will not be tolerated. they pleaded for witnesses to come forward anonymously and help police. five people were killed in oakland over an 18 hour period this week. >> and bart trains running on time this afternoon after a maintenance train and and and again, the trains are running on time this afternoon. >> more west nile virus news that is not good. there are five more birds and a chicken tested positive in five cities. the cities are discovery bay, brentwood, pleasant hill and walnut creek, vector control says the stifeling heat brings an increase in the mosquitoes that spread the virus. >> two people have tested positive this year. >> and there is a class action suit claims the fee is a tax and should require a two thirds vote from the legislature, governor brown calls it a fee to help with the budget deficit. >> and a group of people in the south bay is urging google to remove a vid
frenzy. >> giants fans using this break in between series to do some shopping. trying to beat the crowd. i know it's going to be crazy here. >> sweat shirts for men are sold out, tee shirts selling for $32. giants common tateor stopped by the dugout to stock up. >> i'm here, i've got to get shirts and hats for relatives and friends. we're caught up in it. everybody wants a piece of the team. >> the second bats came off the belt a little after 5:00 this morning. the crew at san francisco graphics sports wear gambled and printed shirts before giants won. the gamble turned out to be a good one. >> you have to be ready. people expect it. they're in that fever pitch. they want tee shirts. >> salesmanger mike smith says there is some debate this series over whether to print them early. giants did get off to a slow start. he says they hate to eat the shirts. major league baseball insists they destroy them if the team doesn't win. it turns out anything with a giants logo is a big seller now. they can barely keep cupcakes in stock. >> it's been crazy. people are like where are they? can i get th
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